Madly in love with Liam Payne,
Ship (read: live for) Ziam as a romance,
21 years old,
From Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Santorini - by: Gürkan Gündoğdu


Niall’s charity match (source: Petiej)


Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall at Niall’s Charity Match (source: Petiej)

Anonymous asked:
He's with perald on tour

that’s probably true and its ridiculous


There are so many Liam’s, they can’t all actually be the same person.  Sometimes I wonder if he is really a series of clones, like Orphan Black.





i think we all know this one person…

Anonymous asked:
So you don't personally believe that Beyonce was actually pregnant with Blue Ivy or that she is not the biological parent of Blue Ivy?





Again, this is another thing I don’t care a whole lot about. This will always make me go hmmm, though:

Looks like her bump collapsed to me. I have no logical explanation for that incident.

Yeah. I’ve seen many a pregnant belly, and lemme tell you, NEVER has a pregnany belly containing a baby done that. EVER.

Isnt it something padded she’s wearing underneath her dress kind of thing so your belly looks better or something? You cant really fake getting a child right…?

There’s this thing called surrogacy. Where someone else carries the baby and gives birth to the child. The child likely IS Beyonce’s. But that doesn’t mean she carried Blue and gave birth to her. Pregnany bellies are FIRM because the child is in the uterus and taking up space in the umbilical sac while being surrounded by fluid. Pregnant bellies don’t deflate like that. And with that sized belly, she’d be at least 5 months along.

Damn that would be a hell of a stunt wow

I just can’t believe Zayn wasnt at Louis’ mums wedding! Whatever the reason is you just cant miss something like that! What the hell is going on there?