Madly in love with Liam Payne,
Ship (read: live for) Ziam as a romance,
21 years old,
From Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Title: Lost Without You
Artist: Liam Payne
Album: Andy's Keek
Plays: 9850



Of all the songs Liam ever sung I was most impressed by what he did to this song. He is so extremely talented!!

should i put coffee and granola on a tray in bed and wake you up with all the words that i still havent said? and tender touches just to show you how i feel

Be My King (I’ll Be Your Queen) by: Superwholockinwolf

{Ziam, 15k, Royal AU)

That one where Zayn’s a royal bad boy and Liam’s his PR agent/Personal Assistant and basically everyone knew they had feelings for each other before they did.



i gave my dog a tortilla chip ten minutes ago and she won’t fucking eat it she’s just staring at me with it in her mouth 

she’s waiting for the salsa