Madly in love with Liam Payne,
Ship (read: live for) Ziam as a romance,
21 years old,
From Rotterdam, the Netherlands




ziam being real as fuck

I thought this was an AU but guess what its actually real!


i’ll take down nations. i’ll destroy men. I’ll fucking become the next president. I’ll make the next sistine chapel. I’ll find a cure for cancer, all while being the biggest fucking fangirl of a boyband in the entire world. because guess what??? being aware and socially conscious and having big dreams does not correlate to how many times i dance in my underwear to what makes you beautiful



How do songs even leak?


we only have amazing fireproof and shitty as fuck steal my girl to go on for the new album which do we trust i’m hyperventilating


watch the music video end up being about lux

that would be the only way to turn this positive in my opinion

Anonymous asked:
What makes you hate SMG? Is it the lyrics?


No. I have seen complaints about the lyrics but that’s not what fazes me, because the idea of being someones and them being yours is something that happens in relationships, and it’s often a nice thing, I don’t want to spin everything to be negative, even though I totally understand why people have a problem with that, and each to their own.
My problem is the sound of it. I know we only have a short clip, but I remember when they did that short clip of SOML and I broke down with excitement, I knew it was gunna be amazing.
This sounds cheap, and tacky. Midnight Memories, 1D fan or not, is a very well written album, and some of the songs and the feel of it, is very sophisticated, and so mature. (Right Now is a beautiful song, for example) and that’s kind of what I expect from them now, that more mature sound. And they do it so much better than they do the pop songs.
I think you can’t release an album like that, have people fall in love with the new way you work together, and then go back to over produced pop songs. It’s not really what people want to hear from them anymore, I don’t think.

Personal opinion, obviously, but yeah. That’s where I stand.